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Members of the sailing club can book time afloat on either Yacht, and you must be a either paid up as a day member or a yearly club member to sail on the club boats. Once you have been accredited as a skipper under the club rules, you can then sail the yachts as skipper. 

To check the availability of Explorer or Ploes or please look on the Calendar at the bottom of this page, to make a booking of one of our boats please fill out the form below, it will email to us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

OR Click HERE for a pdf version, this will open in a new window for you to download, you can then fill it out and post it to email it us.

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CONTRIBUTION FOR USE OF CLUB YACHT 'Ploes' Bavaria 40 based in Fethiye Turkey IN 2019:

Contributions to use Ploes for a week will be £1300.  Additional days to extend a week hire are at  a contribution rate of £190 per day. Ploes can also be used as a stationary houseboat for £150 per week, this is only available to be booked four weeks in advance, please contact us for the additional restrictions.  To book contact Peter Girven, on email address prgirven@hotmail.com.


Contributions to use Explorer for a week will be £485. The daily contributions are £70 per week day, weekends are £80 per weekend day. Trial day contributions are £35 per day.

A one-day sail is only bookable 2 weeks in advance.

A deposit of £250 may be required in advance of the use of 'Explorer' and £500 for the use of Ploes

To Book Explorer or Ploes - complete the request form above or contact either James Parnell or Peter Girven, email us using the booking form above or message us on our mobile phone numbers, they are listed on the "Contact Us" last page.

Joining information and membership prices are shown on the Joining Us page on the Menu bar above.

TrIal sails ON Explorer.

The cost of a prospective skipper test (trial sail) will be £35 for the yacht per day, plus temporary membership of £20 to paid on the day, however this will be refunded to that person if they join the club as a member. A temporary membership form must also be completed.


You are required to be a club member to sail on the club yachts, you can do this by becoming a Temporary Member, the rates are shown on the Joining Us page, they vary according to the type of temporary membership.


The Calendar showing bookings for both Explorer and for Ploes is shown below.

TEST DAYS and Accreditation of skippers FORM

The Boat Committee has drawn up a list of members considered to be sufficiently experienced and responsible to skipper either Explorer or Ploes.  The Club proposes to run a number of trail days and or cruises for those members in need of further experience before being allowed to skipper either of the club yachts. An experienced skipper and if considered necessary a mate, will be in charge of the club yacht during this test.

Prospective skippers will be vetted during these test days or cruises and will need to be accredited before being able to skipper the Club yachts. The cost of a test will be £35 plus temporary membership of £20 paid on the day, however this temporary membership fee will be refunded to that person if they join the club as a sailing member.

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