this page has links to albums with our pictures of Explorer.

If you click on the link it will take you to our google Albums, if you click on a picture and then on the Info icon top right then it will show you information about that picture.

Click HERE  for a chart showing sailing opportunities from Suffolk Yacht Harbour Marina.

Click HERE  for the album showing pictures showing Explorer going back in the water in late March 2017.

Click HERE  for the album showing pictures of work on Explorer during the Winter in late 2016 and early /2017.

Click HERE  for the story of Explorers trip back from Holland in August 2016, Cliff gave this as an excellent presentation at our end of year supper. Cliff, Kay and Colin sailed around the inland seas in Holland then sailed back across the channel to England and Suffolk Yacht Harbour.

Click HERE  for the album showing pictures of Explorers trip over to Holland  in August 2016. John and team sailed across the channel in a force 7 gale to Holland, not a trip for the faint hearted, but the sun shone on them over there.

Click HERE  for the album showing general pictures of Explorer

Click HERE  for a presentation by Ben in 2011, it was about his trip up the East Coast past Lindisfarne in Explorer.

Click HERE  for the album showing  Ben's 2010 trip up past Lindisfarne in Explorer